Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery Experimental Series

KLB Experimental Series

We have worked closely with Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery over the years, from developing the signature look for the core range of beers, through to advice and interior visuals for the award winning Royal Barn Bar. These brews sat outside of the norm, so we created a visual style which reflects the playful nature of the series.

Brand building, Illustration,
Motion, Copywriting, Packaging

Imperial Dragon illustration
Imperial Dragon illustration

Citrus-bright, bitter-sweet and strong, dangerously drinkable. In the early stages of this project, it was actually Green Dragon which Stuart had in mind for canning. The colour palettes and style of illustration shifted with the beer swap.

Experimental Imperial Dragon Can
Experimental Imperial Dragon animation
Elemental illustration
Elemental illustration

No finings. No gluten. The cousin of Monumental is the epitome of evolution over revolution. As this was a brand new beer, we presented various name options to the team. We settled on Elemental, as certain ‘elements’ were removed in the usual brewing process to produce a vegan, gluten free beer.

Experimental Elemental animation
Experimental Elemental Can

Singletrack: you can read it, you can ride it…and now you can drink it. Deep black with citrusy floral aromas, Stu combined two of his passions to create Singletrack Black IPA. The creature was an ode to the many beasts he has conquered over the years through racing, including the Silk Road Mountain Race through the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

Experimental Singletrack Can