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James Clay Website

Redeveloping the James Clay and Sons website was always going to be a big undertaking. The business wanted to introduce online ordering for their existing trade customer AND showcase the brands they supply to breweries looking for a trusted supplier to distribute their beer brands to bars, restaurants and supermarkets. With over 300 breweries in their portfolio, we had to ensure the website was simple to use, had a wow factor and a super-simple way to find beer.

Our role was to provide website user journeys, wireframes and style setter guidance for the visual elements of the brand.

Brand development, Print and digital marketing, Graphic design, Website design

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Because of our close working relationship with both James Clay and Digital we were able to have good conversations around how best to present the online ordering portal to customers based on known behaviour patterns.

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It was essential that the website had an easy to use search facility. Customers were knowledgeable about beer and would need the ability to search based on brewery, beer style, country, beer strength (abv) and how the beer was packaged – kegs, bottles or cans.

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We developed enhanced branded pages to elevate core breweries, to stand apart from one-off special brews or lesser known breweries.
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James Clay and Sons know beer. Bringing forward their expertise in the form of educational pages was an important part of the site. These pages would be promoted through social channels and bring visitors to the website.