James Cropper Annual Reports 2015-2020
James Cropper Annual Reports 2015-2020

Annual Reports 2015 – present day

We have been fortunate to work with the financial team at James Cropper to produce their Annual Report and Accounts since 2015. The report needs to exude confidence to shareholders, articulate the values behind the company and acknowledge the people behind the business that drives performance. Each report becomes a time capsule for the events of the year just gone. 

Project management, Graphic design, Illustration, Copywriting, Art direction, Photography

Photography: Steve Barber


Each report is carefully planned across the business including: finance, HR, the three divisions and senior teams. The end product is a culmination of art direction, photography, copywriting, design and importantly, beautiful paper stocks and print effects.


The glamorous side to art direction – behind the scenes.

James Cropper Annual Report Archive Spread 2020
A year which promised celebration, but became one of immense challenges and quiet reflection.
James Cropper Annual Report 2019 Archive Spread 2019

The blue and black of this year was dedicated to the achievements of TFP – with the magnified fibre emboss design a throwback to 2016.

James Cropper Annual Report Archive Spread 2018

A combination of Extract Ember and Aqua, to commemorate the official launch of Cupcycling.

James Cropper Annual Report Archive SpreadJames Cropper Annual Report 2017

Classic approach in burgundy and embossing – letting the texture and duplex do the work.

James Cropper Annual Report Archive Spread 2016

Three levels of emboss replicate the magnified fibre structures developed in TFP – some of the studios favourite cover to date.