Milne Moser Internal Comms BRAVO Cards
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Milne Moser Internal Communications

Milne Moser came to us with an idea to create an in-house initiative whereby staff could send cards and messages for a job well done, celebrate milestones and suggest money or time saving ideas. We decided to use this as the perfect opportunity to design a series of internal communications that were not only fun but made staff feel appreciated by the partners and their peers. 

Brand development, Print and digital marketing, Graphic design, Illustration, Social media advertising, Copywriting, Motion

Using simple icons and funny captions staff can choose from 7 mini cards as well as a birthday card and money wallets

Plain Creative Milne Moser BRAVO Graphics
Milne Moser Internal Comms Bright Ideas Note Pad

Bright Idea? Milne Moser asked their staff to share any time saving or cost reducing ideas. Ideas that the partners agreed on were then rewarded with vouchers.

Milne Moser Internal Comms 200 Hours Charity Posters

To say thank you for 200 years of business from the local community, the Milne Moser team donated 200 hours of their time to volunteer for local charitable causes. 

We were asked to work on a social media and print campaign that would allow them to update clients on their progress…

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