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FAT Properties Lancaster

Established in 2013 by Philippa and Tom Charrier, FAT Properties has a portfolio of student homes located across Lancaster. Over these formative years, the business had unique insight into the student property market, focussing on the relationship between good design and well being. We worked together to refine the business model, identify next steps for growth and bring clarity to the FAT vision: to have the best student homes in Lancaster.

Brand development, Graphic design, Website design and development, Art direction, Illustration

Photography: Steve Barber


FAT Properties Lancaster Website iPad
FAT Properties Lancaster Website iPad

“These guys not only developed the website and put the hours in, but also helped us shape our brand and our message in a way that is true to us.” 

Tom and Philippa Charrier, FAT Properties

We developed the brand with students in mind and the tone of voice epitomised Philippa and Tom – clear, friendly and honest. 

We refined what makes a FAT property – from safe locations and spacious accommodation, through to responsive customer services and two of the most approachable ‘landlords’ possible.

FAT Properties Lancaster Kitchen

Each property needs to pass clear selection criteria “…would we live here with our children?”

Another key channel of communication was towards investors and outlining their role within FAT Properties. What is required of them? What do they receive in return? It was (and still is) important to attract the right kind of partners for FAT; those keen to make improvements in the local community.

FAT Properties Lancaster Investor Brochure Cover
FAT Properties Lancaster Investor Brochure Spread
FAT Properties Lancaster Interior Design

Philippa and Tom have the research and knowledge – we helped to communicate it.

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The result is a cohesive vision which showcases properties through their website and reassures investors through printed brochures.

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