Wainwright Colours from Nature

Made with 100% recycled fibre and dyed with natural ingredients, this palette of papers was inspired by the footsteps of Alfred Wainwright himself. Our brief was to form a logo-mark, supporting communication and a distinctive direct mailer piece worthy of the Wainwright name.

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Direct Mailer, Supporting Communication

Wainwright Colours from Nature Mailer

Inspired by the view of the Lakeland Fells from nearby Orrest Head, the die-cut landscape captures both the essence of Alfred and the beauty of the Lakes. Illustrator Dorien Brouwers brought the wild to life with her delicate ink scenes.

Wainwright Colours from Nature mailer opened up

We wanted the mailer to demonstrate the paper quality whilst also telling the story of the rosemary’s journey from plant to paper, and illustrate the natural local landscape which inspired the project and shades. It was a joy to work with Plain who brought the vision to life, complemented by Dorien’s beautiful illustrations.

Rebecca Farish, Product Manager, James Cropper
Wainwright colours from nature envelope and opening paragraph

The mailer had 3 aims: be beautiful, be informative, be environmentally conscious.

Beautiful: Letting the paper speak for itself was the easy part.

Informative: Presenting the process as a journey, from rosemary to paper, simplifies the innovative and lengthy process into something easier to digest.

Environmentally conscious: The self contained mailer was designed to have minimal adhesive – just the one strip required to hold the envelope shut for posting.

What a fantastic collaboration! Plain Creative’s imaginative design and James Cropper’s interesting paper bringing my illustrations to life. 

Dorien Brouwers, Illustrator and picture book author
Soem close up detail of Cricnkle Crags and Scafell
Close up detail of a stag looking into the distance