West Cumbria Tourism Pitch

Another pitch, this time unsuccessful, but we still feel the project has it’s merits. The brief was to create a website that would showcase the West Coast of Cumbria, be a one-stop-shop for online accommodation bookings and bring together the regions unique selling points through one portal. For us, this was about bringing together the very best of Cumbria. The diversity of the west coast is something to treasure from the highest fells, award winning food and festivals to the inspiring people behind them. Then there’s the question of how best to present the region? Geographically, it’s an hour and half from the honey pots of Windermere and Ambleside – so for the typical tourist who has already travelled a similar distance from Manchester or Newcastle, choosing West Coast Cumbria is a challenge. Our thinking was to target people already staying in the Lake District area and to encourage them to spend one day of their break over on the West Coast at an activity or destination. A taster if you will, a chance to spend some quality time there, get a flavour of the region and have a good experience. This would be supported by offers of longer stays promoted within retailers, activity and accommodation providers – backed up by follow on e-marketing campaigns. Another consideration was what to call the region – should it be distinct from the main Lake District brand or not?  For us, our preferred choice was to keep it simple and retain the lead brand. After all, why introduce questions to customers minds that don’t need to be there? While we didn’t win the pitch, we were delighted to be asked and always enjoy learning from our experiences.


Ps. We would like to make it clear that because this was a pitch, with no budget being attributed to it, photographs used are examples only of what we see as best practice from across industry sectors.  In this case hat’s off to the Welsh Tourist board for some fantastic shots.

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