Vedett Extra Blond

Plain Creative were commissioned by Duvel Moortgat UK to help promote their premium pilsner brand, Vedett, and gain a foothold in this highly competitive sector of the beverage market.

Vedett, which means ‘Star’ in it’s native Flemish, enjoys a high profile in Europe and the Belgium brewer’s ambition was to replicate this in the UK. The brand is quirky and very left-field, enjoying cult status in its homeland but translating this here – where it would be pitched against the likes of Stella, Peroni and Kronenbourg – was always going to be a challenge.

Rather than aim for mass-market penetration, the strategy was to focus on independent urban bars and an audience who didn’t want a global beer in their hand. Campaigns such as the Vedett Road Trip gained through the line exposure, with a branded cement mixer travelling the length and breadth of the country visiting key bars where everyone would have the chance to be a ‘Star of Vedett’. Social media activity was planned and delivered daily throughout the 30 day campaign, along with the all important climax of one Vedett fan winning the cement mixer lorry itself.

The move from bottle only Vedett to draught installations was another big step forward for the beer as it meant the brand had the chance to be seen on front bars instead of being consigned to back fridges. Plain Creative were trusted with creating the PR images and supporting industry facing promotional materials.

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