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Majik House are a long-standing client of Plain Creative we are delighted to work with them as their ‘bolt on’ marketing resource.

Their business is home automation: a phrase which is difficult to fully qualify and quantify as it can mean such a broad range of applications. For the Majik House and their customers, the home automation journey usually starts with requirements for home cinema rooms and audio systems but can (and often does) extend to lighting design and security, all intuitively designed and controlled by simple remotes or apps on smartphones and tablets.

For some, this is all the stuff of dreams and something that you commission when that winning lottery ticket finally arrives, but working with the Majik House team we found that a lot of their work is really within reach of most home owners and many of their briefs from clients were quite modest: wanting a home entertainment system without the clutter of lots of remotes, creating multi-room sound systems or wanting better control over home lighting.

It’s an industry which is ever changing and Majik House are very much at the forefront, a real authority in the sector and a reputation which is nothing short of incredible; glowing testimonials abound from satisfied clients which includes famous names such as footballers Peter Crouch and Chris Smalling, actor and writer Craig Cash, Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff and comedian John Bishop.

Plain Creative get involved in everything from creating customer guides (designed to inform potential customers about the areas of business, written in very plain English with no tech jargon), a new website, press advertising, social media, event promotions, PR, app, article writing, signage, photography and video direction – like we say, we do a lot of things!

We are also involved in creating award entries for the Majik House with accolades from Control 4, CEDIA and the local Westmorland Gazette Business Awards being received over recent years, successes and broader recognition we’re delighted to have helped achieve.

No two projects for Majik House are ever the same, there’s always something new to work on and it’s always a great pleasure to work with them.

Majik House website designed and content created by Plain Creative. Website build by A Digital.


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