Lanes Vets

What is they say never work with? Animals and children? What about animals and vets?

Working with Lanes Vets, a group of three practices spread across north Lancashire, part of the commission was to achieve new profile photographs for everyone (vets, nurses, support team) working for the organisation as well as capture them going about their day-to-day activities.

With over fifty staff in total across locations in Poulton, Garstang and Lancaster, it was always going to be a long day; add to that the unknown element of working with animals, we braced ourselves.

The ‘we’ on this occasion was Neil and photographer Steven Barber. Steve has become our ‘go-to’ solution on shoots like this – along with technical skills and ability to work under direction, his background working in the press often proves invaluable as he can work very fast and still achieve consistently great shots.

The images captured a typical day across the practices for both the farm vets and the small animal / pets teams. It may not be the most glamorous of subject matters but it was a brilliant insight into the business and the people undertaking very unglamorous activities, always extremely professional and, as often as they can, with a smile on their face.

The images are being used for a new website (launched in January 2015) and will appear alongside editorial and advertisements in the years ahead.

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