Lake District Festivals Direct Mail Piece

Just how many festivals are there in the Lake District each year… the answer, an awful lot.

We were asked by Cumbria Tourism to develop a piece of direct mail which could be used to promote the region to overseas journalists during the Olympics back in 2012.

Initial thoughts centred around a more traditional piece of print, but in reality page after page of festivals just wasn’t going to do the job. A fresh approach was required and this is when we played on the Olympic theme and created a relay baton containing a roll-out poster. A symbolic metaphor journalists could ‘pick up and pass on’ to their audiences. As a piece of direct mail this works really well.

Firstly it stands out in the post – so people want to engage with it.  Secondly it’s a tactile experience, both in terms of opening the tube, seeing what’s inside and then rolling out the poster.  Thirdly, as a wall poster, it has longevity to keep the message fresh in people’s minds. The Illustrative style of Liam Palmer (our illustrator friend) brings the Lake District to life in a visual montage of festivals.

The reverse then break out salient snippets of information about each festival (size, time of year, person to contact etc.) making it easy for journalists to take the next step and write a promotional piece.

We’re very lucky to live in such a vibrant part of the world.

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