James Clay – Morrisons promotional leaflet

Sometimes our work is purely concept only – designed specifically to illustrate how something could work, for another design team to progress.

In this example, the purpose was to demonstrate how pairing craft beer with food in a retail environment could increase sales.  Morrisons have their own in-house design team who developed our suggestion into a finished hand out.

We took that stance that our audience would most likely, know little or nothing about craft beer, or the options available.

20 beers from the James Clay portfolio were carefully selected for their diversity of style and taste – being the brand leader in each category: – lager, IPA, wheat, fruit, trappist, beer etc.

The leaflet nicely highlights the benefit of quality ingredients found in craft beer (as opposed to brands aimed purely at a price point) combined with the right glass and suitable food pairing, give the best drinking experience (taste) for a brand.

The pocket size guide was an easy pick-up for customers and also acted as an educational piece for Morrisons counter staff, who could pass on snippets of information to customers in passing.

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