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Another wonderful opportunity for Plain to learn more about a subject close to our heart, alcohol – this time wine. We were asked by the team at EWGA to help develop a new brand style along with a suite of design tools to be used by their internal design team.

As always, the first stage was to spend time understanding their business, customer groups and their perceptions of the service provided by EWGA.

It became clear their offering was very different to the run-of-the-mill wine distributor in terms of products sold and service levels to clients. With their network of independent growers around the globe, it is possible for them to create a bespoke wine to a specific taste, price point and brand style.  Not many wine distributors have their reach and longstanding relationships to offer this close business partner, brand developer relationship.

This gave us a clear point of difference to communicate – which as we all know is essential when developing a brand.  There’s no point saying the same things as everyone else, it just doesn’t get heard above the crowds.

It was also important to get across the approachable, knowledgable and lifestyle nature of the EWGA business.  There’s no wine snobbery here, just good, honest and realistic advice to clients – recommending wines which not only sell, but develop their business.  It’s on this basis that EWGA have gained significant ground over the years.

We worked with EWGA to bring some clarity to their brand, developing a new logo along with style guides and a brand document for everyone to work from. This covered :

  • Vision and values
  • Simple keywords as a marker for the brand
  • Our Logo
  • Logo Application
  • Logo positioning
  • Colour palette
  • Fonts
  • Photography
  • Examples of collaterals

Artwork was then passed back to EWGA for the internal design team to utilise – we look forward to seeing their creations.

  • Categories:

    Branding, Graphic Design, Identity

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