Brewing Process infographic

Ever wondered just how beer is brewed?

With the ever increasing popularity of craft beer, it’s a question that crops up time and time again.  And we don’t just mean the hairy, bearded blokes with tankards hanging round real ale festivals.

Far from it craft beer is booming and has an increasingly wide spread demographics fairly equally split between males and females.  All searching for the latest hip beer to try or seasonal variations from major craft brewers.

With this brings opportunities to produce engaging collaterals designed to be shared amongst peers.  For James Clay, the beer brewing process illustration is just that, an essential part of their content marketing strategy. While there’s not one set way to brew a beer, if you understand the basics, it can help you get your head around how the many and varied styles of beers can be tackled.

For me it’s one of those projects where I enjoy learning from the discovery / understanding part of the project as much as creating the collaterals themselves.

Oh, and it also encourages me to try new beers…


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