Brewery Arts Centre website design

Another pitch win for us, this time the design of the Brewery Arts Centre – Kendal’s performance art, cinema, education and social hub.

Their existing website was performing badly, to the point where only a very small percentage of sales were generated through the site. Communication around events was also stunted, which made the Brewery feel a little distant to it’s local and very loyal customer base.

The Brewery has a fantastic range of events and activities from it’s cinema, theatre and comedy offerings through to a massively successful youth programme of music, dance and performance art.  Additionally there are three food and drink spaces, the revenue from which helps to fund more activities at the Brewery.  All of which were being undersold and under-represented on their previous website.

First and foremost was the task of presenting what the Brewery offered across the various art forms and making these activities and events easy to book.

Second was integrating cross promotions through the site and third was more of a communication exercise, bringing forward the talented people who owned each business area – to make it easier to talk to customers and get a better steer on programming.

On the Home Page we suggested a prominent, ‘What’s On’ section at the top of the site broken down into sections – today, this week, this month, and coming soon.  Additionally, we introduced a simple book now section for those who know what they would like to see.

Further down was a campaign area to cut across the business and showcase smaller scale events and cross promotional campaigns.  Finally a catch all of events colour coded for clarity giving snippets of information on each event.

Each art form was given it’s own landing page to allow them to speak directly to their audiences in a relevant and easy way.  By allowing the site to control background images per landing page – each business area had the ability to showcase events and brand their own spaces.

Finally, a dedicated space for broader communications was created. This was vital for funding raising and making customers aware the Brewery is a registered charity. For example, funds raised through their car parking went directly back into art forms. Little stories like this made it easier for general public to understand how the Brewery worked.

A great project to be involved with and lots of complicated back end website integration – such as Spektrix, their internal booking system.  Fortunately this was handled by our partner organisation, Armitage Online who built the site.

Together the project team saw online bookings raise substantially, eleviating pressure on the box office team.


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