Bow Wave Brewery

A startup project for one of our friends branching into the world of brewing, based close to the bustling village of Bowness and Windermere.

He needed a craft brand developing for pump clips, bottle labels and beer mats – just enough to get him going and able to sell.

We’ve all been there – taking those tentative steps into the world of your first new business. Budgets are tight because you need to invest in new kit,¬†make something you can sell and hopefully pay yourself at the end of the day.

All design should be seen as an investment, but for startups¬†it’s a case of simple steps. We all know the business you set off with in your head – isn’t necessarily the one you will have two years down the line when customers tell you what they want.

This is where our acquired knowledge comes into play – we’ve seen and done the best practices from large scale corporations down to smart thinking startups.

It’s all about results and usually there are several options to achieve those.

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