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Beard Beanies
Beard Beanies
Beard Beanies
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Beard Beanies

What is the strangest product you’ve been involved in promoting and just how far would you go to help a client? The guys at Rosetta Brands came to us with a challenge – Beard Beanies – and, never ones to back away, we went for it…

Beard Beanies are exactly what they say – a beard, attached to a beanie. Originating in the USA, they are surprisingly comfortable and, less surprisingly, incredibly warm! The beards are individually hand-crocheted and sewn onto the beanies, but just who would buy these? It turns out a lot of people!

Rosetta Brands secured the UK and European distribution rights and the next step was to produce a suite of marketing images and website from scratch.

A (very cold and wet) March day in Keswick was chosen for a photo shoot with Ben Barden and a collection of friends who would be our models, ourselves included. How far would we go? How about standing up to your waist in a freezing cold lake?

The day was also documented with iPhones which formed the basis of the social media marketing (Twitter and Instagram) with the main images now being used by the parent company in the USA.

Plain Creative also worked with Rosetta Brands on the PR channels for Beard Beanies, with Kendal Town FC sponsored and the story being picked up by national press, BBC Sport and Sky Sports.

Photography © Ben Barden


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