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We were delighted to be asked by our good friends at Barngates Brewery (attached to the lovely Drunken Duck at Ambleside) to help them review the business, develop their brand and a agree steps to take the business forward.

Branding always start with conversations to help us understand what works well with the existing business, challenges faced in the market place and those nitty problems that just need to be addressed. In other words, Where are we now? Where are we going? And what do we need to do to get there.

With a brewery working to capacity, the challenge was to identify which beers were most profitable, carried the most brand equity and take Barngates forward – along with those that needed to be parked for another day.  Also did we need a new beer to announce the new brand to our audiences?

Together we held a series of workshops which provided the business with the opportunity to take time out from their busy schedules, take a step back and get a helicopter view of Barngates with the help of a couple of outsiders (Neil and I). The sessions were challenging for all involved, which for me is a good sign that positive change will be achieved as a successful outcome.  You can’t keep doing the same thing everyday and expect different results.

We worked closely with the very talented and artistic team at Barngates to create the new look and feel of beer bottles, pump clips and beer mats.The brew list was streamlined, new working practices put into place alongside the launch of a wonderful new brew, Barngates Pale.

Goodhew dry stout and Tunnellers dark mild followed shortly after – it’s great to see the tremendous hard work put in by the Barngates team pay dividends for the business.

Plus, it’s always great to taste their fantastic beers!

It’s not all work, work, work…






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