Kendal Festival of Food – Sponsorship Document

We are lucky enough to work with several festivals and one thing we can say for certain is a hell of a lot of work goes on behind the scenes preparing the big day(s).

Part of that organising naturally revolves around financing the events themselves, without which they would never get off the ground.  We were asked to get involved with the production of a piece promoting Kendal Festival of Food, focussing on sponsorship packages and the benefits of getting involved.

Working closely with Food for Thought (Cath Dutton & Stacy Hurley) and Matt Leigh Industries  we developed a pitch for the festival, starting with success stories producers, retailers, artisans and celebrities experienced who attended in 2014. We then moved into selling Kendal as a festival town, the enormous draw the event had, with visitors attending from across the UK and overseas. Finally we covered what’s in store for 2015 and the many opportunities that exist to get involved.

As you can see the document features a lot of statistics, which we felt could be brought to life in the form of info-graphics, a simple and very shareable (social media) way of conveying sound bites from the festival.

There are some fantastic events already in place for 2015 and we look forward to tasting the results.



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