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Berliner, no more.

Thank you for being bold, Guardian Media Group, your bravery was not lost on us. A morning scroll through the Twitter feed and, amongst the usual posts of angst, joviality, product placement and self-congratulatory re-Tweeting, one update caught my eye. Looking back through the conversation between two respected media commentators it became clear that the […]

Revisiting Ogilvy on Advertising.

Having had occasiuon to catch up on some long-overdue reading of late, I can still say that – hand on heart – Ogilvy on Advertising still has to be one of the most important books written about the industry. Additionally – hand still firmly in place on my chest – still I consider David Ogily’s writing to be as relevant today as […]

How to be a good client

Yes, you did read that correctly.  There are good and bad ways of dealing with creative agencies and the creative process in general. The former will bring meaningful results and (hopefully) return on investment, the latter route is often one of compromise. You may, quite rightly, be considering several creative suppliers before making a decision […]

Talking ’bout the next generation.

I’m not even going to try and pretend we’re talking about ‘my’ generation because forty-somethings like me aren’t the future of the creative and digital industries. It’s not even the next generation that I’m worried about; it’s the generation(s) that are still in school who, according to a recent survey, won’t get the chance to […]