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Berliner, no more.

Thank you for being bold, Guardian Media Group, your bravery was not lost on us. A morning scroll through the Twitter feed and, amongst the usual posts of angst, joviality, product placement and self-congratulatory re-Tweeting, one update caught my eye. Looking back through the conversation between two respected media commentators it became clear that the […]

Revisiting Ogilvy on Advertising.

Having had occasiuon to catch up on some long-overdue reading of late, I can still say that – hand on heart – Ogilvy on Advertising still has to be one of the most important books written about the industry. Additionally – hand still firmly in place on my chest – still I consider David Ogily’s writing to be as relevant today as […]

So what if many people can’t read the text? It’s beautiful.

An interesting article appeared in my Twitter timeline a few months back, the title of which had me intrigued right from the start: How Apple is Giving Design a Bad Name. The authors, Don Norman and Bruce Tognazzini, put the case out there that Apple have forsaken their beautifully simple approach to usability that they […]

Talking ’bout the next generation.

I’m not even going to try and pretend we’re talking about ‘my’ generation because forty-somethings like me aren’t the future of the creative and digital industries. It’s not even the next generation that I’m worried about; it’s the generation(s) that are still in school who, according to a recent survey, won’t get the chance to […]

What’s to become of a problem like Stella?

Let’s be honest, I don’t think I’d ever be writing a piece which is essentially sticking up for one of the biggest, baddest*, multi-national brands and they probably don’t need my help, but here goes. Stella Artois. She’s (one of) the beers we love to hate and it’s easy to throw stones; the delicate slip […]